Since 1954, Modern Flooring & Interiors,
located at 3619 south Carrollton Ave. in
New Orleans, LA have been providing the
finest in flooring and decorating services to
the Greater New Orleans area.


               SALES AND DESIGN

Monique Roy-Cooper                       Christina Martin 
504-427-2223                                  504-231-6282      
Bob Piper                                        Ken Lobenstein
985-707-5066                                  504-908-8464                  

Jerry Kimball                                   Sam Zeringue    
504-669-7351                                   504-460-4299 

Tom Soniat                                      Jim Greenwood                  
504-427-7125                                   504-628-2822             
Luther Broome                                 Laura Duplechin
504-494-2079                                   504-335-7186                                   

Janice Lanner                                  Shirley Bernadas                       
504-488-1364                                   504-451-4847                                                                                  


Marc Levy                                               Rick Mercer
President and General Manager               Commercial Dept. Manager 
504-427-4552                                          504-427-6566                         

Keith Delaune
ShowRoom Manager

Melody Miller                                             Ralph Carreras                      504-488-1364
Lisa Saybe